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Knee joint arthroscopy

Knee joint arthroscopy

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Shoulder joint arthroscopy

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Elbow joint arthroscopy

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On May 22-23, 2018 Dr. Markas Fiodorovas hosted foreign interns at Klaipeda University Hospital - surgeons from Moscow came to Dr. M. Fiodorovas to acquire knowledge during shoulder joint arthroscopy surgeries.


On May 1-2, 2018 Dr. M. Fiodorovas was invited to shoulder joint arthroscopy courses in London to participate as a guest speaker and to share his experience with fellow surgeons. On one of the largest learning bases in Europe, surgeons were listening to lectures on shoulder joint pathologies and also had the chance to put to the test the newest arthroscopic implants during surgeries. Participants arrived from such countries as India, Egypt, South African Republic, Russia, Ukraine.


On 15th of September, 2017 an international arthroscopy conference was held in Palanga. At the conference the list of special guests included speakers from Italy, Slowakia and Poland. During the conference Dr. M. Fiodorovas was elected for the second time in a row as the President of the Lithuanian Association of Arthroscopic Surgeons.


On July 17-20, 2017 Dr. M. Fiodorovas was invited to Smith&Nephew learning base in London to share his experience with other doctors who perform arthroscopic suregeries. Dr. M. Fiodorovas gave presentations on topics such as knee and shoulder joint pathologies.


On October 5-6, 2016 Kiev (Ukraine) hosted the XVII-th Orthopedic Congress, during which the Doctor M. Fiodorovas made presentations shoulder on pathology topics.


The 17th Congress of orthopedists in Kiev

On 22-23 September, 2016 an international conference for knee and shoulder arthroscopy took place in Klaipėda, Lithuania. During the conference participants were able to watch live streaming of knee and shoulder surgeries. Also, many lectures on knee and shoulder pathology were given by lectors from Lithuania, Spain, Italy and Poland. This was the first conference patroned by ESSKA in Lithuania.


Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy conference 2016

On May 16-19, 2016 in Klaipėda University Hospital Sports Injury Section doctors from Ukraine became trainees of Dr. Markas Fiodorovas, and had the opportunity to watch the knee and shoulder joint arthroscopic surgeries and gain useful knowldge from the experienced arthroscopy specialist Dr. Markas Fiodorovas. 


Internship in Lithuania 2016





On 17-19 July, 2012 in York, England, arthroscopy courses were organised, where Markas Fiodorovas, the Head of Sport Injuries Department of Klaipeda University Hospital was invited to share his experience with European physicians. In the largest European training premises established by the Company Smith&Nephew – producer of medical equipment and implants – the doctor orthopaedist-traumatologist M.Fiodorovas trained his colleagues for two days for the latest techniques of treatment of the knee and shoulder joint. 16 participants from various countries had an opportunity to attend presentations and to observe as well as to try surgery techniques by themselves in the laboratory – where they were provided with the best conditions, as the work was arranged in such a way that each laboratory desk was shared by two persons only. Parts of dead people‘s bodies were used for practical training.

Intensive courses, including lectures, discussions and practical training, were arranged for three days from 8 AM to 7PM in the complex of auditoriums and laboratories equipped with large number of the latest arthroscopic equipment and tools. The first day focused on the tactics in treatment of the knee joint pathologies and injuries, the second – of the shoulder joint and the third one – of the hip joint.


Photos of courses in York in 2012

On 04 - 05. 05.2012 the XI assembly of Lithuanian orthopaedists traumatologists attended by ~300 physicians from all over Lithuania was held in Šiauliai. The topics of the assembly included the pathology and injuries of upper extremities. Participants delivered a large number of reports, introduced new treatment methods and their results. Physician M. Fiodorovas delivered 3 reports on the shoulder joint pathology:

- ruptures of the rotator cuffs, treatment tactics.
- results of fixation of the arthroscopic transosseous rotator cuff.
- results of treatment of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder


Photos of convention in Siauliai in 2012

On 23-26 July, 2012 two orthopaedists-traumatologists from the Ukraine came to the Sport Injuries Department to develop their expertise. About 10 arthroscopic surgery of the knee, tarsus and elbow joints were performed. According to the doctor M.Fiodorovas, cooperation with the Ukrainian physicians has already been continued for a long time. By the way, physicians not only from the Ukraine, but also the ones from Latvia annually come to develop their skills to the Sport Injuries Department Sector of Klaipeda University Hospital. „The colleagues from the neighbouring country are highly interested in arthroscopic surgery of the knee and the shoulder joint and crucial ligament reconstruction surgery performed in our hospital. Having familiarised with the innovations, they introduce them step by step in their treatment institutions as well. Such a close cooperation is encouraging and beneficial - said M.Fiodorovas.

On 20-21 September, 2012 international conference” arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and small joints was held in Klaipeda University Hospital. During the event guests from various countries made and attended presentations of specialists, directly observed the performed surgeries, together with professional surgeons tried the latest instruments and surgery techniques on dummies. „These courses annually arranged by KUH have been growing more and more popular. Young professionals are among those especially interested in innovations. Particularly for this reason it was decided to arrange the conference - courses not in the Lithuanian but in English language, thereby making the information available for doctors from various foreign countries. This year about 100 professionals not only from Lithuania, but also from Belarus, the Ukraine and Latvia came to our city to gain new knowledge. A doctor from Austria Florin Ramadani assisted the organizers – shared his impressions the head of the Centre for Sports medicine, orthopaedist -traumatologist Markas Fiodorovas.

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Photos of 2012 year

In 2011, the courses took two days, on 15-16 September. Lithuanian orthopedists-traumatologists were improving their skills in arthroscopy surgery in Klaipėda University Hospital (KUL). Almost 100 doctors from various cities of the country participated in the conference organized by KUL, Klaipėda University and Lithuanian Arthroscopic Society. During the first day of the courses, doctors of Sports Medicine Center together with doctor Florin Ramadani, the guest from Austria, performed three arthroscopic operations, which could be observed by participants via video system in the hall. Moreover, they were able not only to observe, but, as it is already common, to ask and comment.
On the second day, the shoulder and knee pathologies and innovations in their treatment, arthroscopy operations of ankle and hip joint and quite seldom performed wrist arthroscopy operations were discussed during lectures.


Photos of 2011 year

In the courses 2010, the lectures and workshops were given by doctors M. Fiodorovas, R. Gudas, L. Škikas and L. Bazaras, doctor A. Peredistijs from Latvia and M. Rahu from Estonia.


Photos of 2010 year

In 2009, the courses took place in Klaipeda Hotel. Orthopaedists-traumatologists from Lithuania, Czech Republic and Austria were sharing their experience during it. High spread of shoulder joint pathology, particularly among elderly people, promotes great interest in orthopedic area. It has been reported that degenerative changes of the shoulder joint and muscle tear are characteristic even for 5-40 percent of elderly people population. For young person, tear of shoulder joint muscle can be led by trauma.
The representative of the company Smith & Nephew in Lithuania initiated affiliation between European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy of Czech Republic (ESSKA) and Lithuanian Association of Arthroscopic Surgeons. Presentations were made by doctors Vojtech Havlas, Laimutis Škikas, Rimtautas Gudas, Markas Fiodorovas and others.


Photos of 2009 year

Starting 2008, traumatologists from all over Lithuania and other countries abroad have been meeting annually in Klaipeda to improve their competencies through participation in the shoulder arthroscopy courses that have already become as traditional. Doctor Markas Fiodorovas is the main organizer of the courses. Specialists of this field from Lithuania and other countries abroad give lectures and workshops in them. During the conference in 2008, participants from Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus were sharing their experience and discussing on surgery operations that were transmitted directly from Klaipeda University Hospital. During the workshop, participants of the conference had opportunity to try instruments, equipment, tools and implants produced by the company Smith&Nephew.


Photos of 2008 year

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